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MAXIM is a Czech-American painter born in Prague and living in Los Angeles, California, since 1999. MAXIM has become an international artist exhibiting in Los Angeles, New York, Dublin, Prague, Pistoia, Mexico City, and Sydney. His solo exhibitions have become a cultural event.

Born in Prague, the Czech Republic, during communism, MAXIM’s artistic process began early. His parents frequently visited his uncle’s famous “attic-art studio” in old Prague, where he would get lost in labyrinths of large-sized canvas works while admiring their sheer size and play of color.

MAXIM attended the prestigious Graphic Arts school in Prague in his formative years, where he obtained multiple degrees in graphic design, photography, lithography, calligraphy, and letterpress. During this time, he also studied drawing and painting.

MAXIM’s artistic expression began with music. He learned to play guitar and drums and soon played with various bands. He was signed by EMI and released a few albums earning him recognition in his native land Czech Republic.

At the age of 24, adventure calls MAXIM to America. He makes a few stops, first in San Francisco, then Chicago, where he makes his mark as a reputable graphic designer. His next stop is Los Angeles, where he’s instantly drawn to it.


His desire to create art began in an atelier in DTLA, where he first started focusing solely on painting. MAXIM draws his inspiration

from studies of history, nature, science, and socioeconomic and political events (past and present).


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