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Paintings are my testament to our world's crudeness, beauty, freedoms, and indoctrination. My paintings directly manifest my internal vying to find higher meaning and order in our human character.


I create contemporary art that encapsulates my vision of one's quest to find the ultimate truth and all the obstacles and arguments one would have to endure on such a journey. Myths against facts, religions against science. Primordial versus modern, and most of all, the conception and meaning of the one constant that defines and limits us all the same - time.

Like rivers run over mountains, I lay down streaks of seemingly riddled calligraphy across the massive textured base. I record my innermost thoughts that run through my head down to my fingertips in these words and sentences. Each painting records a particular time and space and the state of my mind. It documents my insignificance as an individual in the grandiose scale of the universe. It reveals the past, makes the present, and allows for the future.


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