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My artistic expression serves as a testament to the complexities and contradictions of our world. Through my paintings, I aim to explore the rawness, beauty, freedoms, and indoctrination that shape our existence. Within each brushstroke, I strive to visually depict my internal struggle to discover profound meaning and order in the human condition.


As a contemporary artist, I endeavor to encapsulate the arduous journey toward unraveling the ultimate truth. My works confront the obstacles and debate one encounter on this quest, where myths clash with facts, and religions challenge science. I explore the dichotomy between the primordial and the modern, delving into the conception and significance of the one constant that universally defines and confines us all: time.


In my creative process, I employ bold, sweeping strokes reminiscent of rivers flowing over mountains. These seemingly enigmatic calligraphic patterns adorn the textured canvas, serving as a visual representation of the thoughts that traverse my mind and extend to my fingertips. Each painting becomes a chronicle of a specific moment in time and space, capturing the state of my consciousness. It documents my humble place as an individual within the vast expanse of the universe, unveiling the past, shaping the present, and offering glimpses into the future.


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